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Stop Forgetting What You Read in the Bible

So you’ve been reading your Bible more, maybe even set a time and place, and you mistakenly thought that was the battle and you had won. But now that you’re reading a chapter or passage a day, you’re realizing that in 2 hours (much less by lunch) you’ve forgotten what you read. Forgetting is common. It happens when we think the goal is to read the Bible.

You may be surprised to learn that reading the Bible isn’t the goal– it’s merely the means. 

The real goal is to connect with God. Reading the Bible is just one way we do that. The problem is that it’s actually possible to read the Bible without connecting with God. You’ve probably experienced that at one point or another.

Not only is it possible, it’s common. Too common. But with a few simple changes in how we approach our Bible reading, we can connect with God and stop going through the motions.

How to stop forgetting and start remembering.

Just a simple change or two can reorient our Bible reading time, change our attitudes, and put us back on track to meeting with God.

Here are a few suggestions I’ve found helpful:

  • Start with prayer. Pause and acknowledge God, welcome him, ask him for help as you read.
  • Read smaller chunks. Read more manageable passages. Reading the Bible in a year is all fine and dandy, but what use is it if you rarely connected with God in that time?
  • Reflect. After reading, pause. Consider what you’ve read, what God has shown you, what you’ve learned.
  • Journal. Record a thought or two summarizing what you read or learned, or your reactions to it.
  • Read prayerfully. Combine your reading time and prayer time, treating it like a conversation. Go slow, feel free to talk with God about what you’re reading.
  • Bring it with. Write a verse or thought or application on an index card after your read. Take it with you and reference it throughout your day.
  • Be patient. If you’re trying these (and other) things to no avail, don’t give up. It can take time.

Remembering what God showed you is serious business. It only takes a few small steps to connect with God and stop forgetting what you read.

Now I’m curious!

What are some habits and practices that have helped you connect with God during your Bible reading time, and stop going through the motions?


As always, scroll way down and add your thoughts in the comments below.

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