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Slow Down Your Prayers with these 6 Habits for a Different Quality of Prayer

I am a busy person. I tend to run myself thin with all the things I have planned for myself, all the while craving a slow day. Rushing from one thing through the next, I hardly take the time to enjoy any of it.

Especially this time of year.

My prayers tend to be rushed, too. Or at least just a routine to get through. Tragic!

I could be investing in my relationship with God and, you know, talking to the creator of everything, but I’m just pushing through.

Well, I decided I didn’t want that any more. And maybe you don’t, either. I wrote an ebook for us. For me, as a reminder of the habits that help. And if you want to read through it, you can download it at the end of this post!

To Slow Down Adds Quality

We’ve heard that quality is better than quantity.

In some ways, this is true of prayer, too.

At the extremes, there are two options. To speed through, or to slow down.

When I speed through prayer, it’s like driving 100 miles per hour through a beautiful landscape watching blurred trees and mountains pass the window, thinking, ‘wow, I’m sure those are beautiful,’ but not quite caring because I just want to get to my destination, but then arriving and feeling a bit empty, almost knowing I missed something.

When I slow down my prayers, it’s meaningful. It’s like pulling over at one of those gravel observation look outs, taking in the sights, the smells, the taste of the air. Slowing down let’s me notice, and appreciate, and establish memories.

Adding Quality to Prayer

When I slow down as I pray, I feel a stronger connection with God.

When I slow down, I don’t forget my cares and concerns in my rush.

Slowing down helps me listen, rather than rattling off my grocery list.

Quality is added to my relationship with God when I treat it like a relationship and not like a vending machine.

Below are habits that have helped me.

  • Journal
  • Pray out Loud
  • Take a Walk
  • Intentionally Listen
  • Quiet Yourself Before You Pray
  • Stop Imagining I Have the Answers

I elaborate on these in my ebook, “Slow Down to Pray“. Click the link to learn more about the book and download it!


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