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Environment Impacts Our Time with God

The Nerf war raged, but my twelve year old cousin protested in a corner. She hid, tired of being shot at when she had no weapon, and wanting no part. But then a funny thing happened. My family’s Nerf War theme music is from Pirates of the Caribbean. Someone turned it on, and soon the motivating rhythms reverberated through the house. And then my cousin was up,  scavenging for a Nerf gun. She joined the fight with all her heart. Environment changes things.


The score from a movie changed my cousin’s attitude within seconds. Environment is powerful. But it is more than music. Environment includes lighting, sounds, smells, what is on the walls, how tidy everything is, the overall atmosphere or ‘feel’ of the place, the people or animals nearby, and more.

And if something so simple as a few notes from a movie score could coax my cousin into joining the Nerf war, it’s natural to assume environment also impacts my time alone with God.

To Prevent or Spur

Where I have my quiet time matters. The little things that make up my environment either distract me or tune me in.

Silence tunes me in.

Clutter distracts me.

Lighting a candle helps me focus.

And so on.

It’ll be different for you, what works and what doesn’t. And your ‘ideal environment’ will change through life’s seasons. But finding what works now is important.

When Your Environment is Out of Your Control


It’s life, and it’s to be expected. But that doesn’t mean we go on strike against quiet time  until the stars align and our ideal environments are available.

No. In the meantime, we work with what we’ve got. A great many things actually are within your control.

Once you know what your ideal environment consists of, do what you can to make it happen. Wake up before the kids so it’s quiet. Tidy up at night so it’s clutter-free in the morning. Take the necessary steps because it’s important. Environment matters.

What about you? What is your ‘ideal environment’? In what ways have you noticed the importance of environment in your quiet time? Share in the comments below!


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