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The Day I Stopped Scheduling My Quiet Time

I used to have a very rigid schedule for my quiet time. That ended when I realized I was going through the motions.

Before I recognized that, I stuck to my bedtime religiously so I could be alert when I woke early, and I made sure to pray and read my Bible every single day. And it was great. But it was a lot of pressure on myself. I began to think it was required.

One thing led to another, and my quiet time was only motions. I required myself to have a morning quiet time, forcing it every day. Which is great. Bible reading is a discipline. But reading my Bible became an ends rather than a means.

I checked a mental box for opening my Bible, rather than focusing on my relationship with Jesus.

And one day, I looked up and realized I was merely going through the motions, half-way ignoring God.

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So I reacted. I stopped scheduling my quiet time. I thought that if I read my Bible and prayed spontaneously it would mean more to me. And I certainly wouldn’t be going through any motions!

And it was true. I wasn’t going through the motions any more. But I wasn’t having quiet time any more, either.

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And it became obvious. Not only did my ‘old man’ start making herself known, I could feel the distance between God and I growing. I was slowly and surely drifting from him.

Reinstating Quiet Time

I wasn’t content with the growing distance, and the only thing I could think of was to reinstate quiet time, officially.

That was easier said than done. Once a habit is broken, it’s pretty challenging to start it up again. I was surprised at how hard it was. That snooze button is just so appealing!

I’m in a better place now, with a habit nearly re-formed. And while there is value in keeping to a habit for the sake of having a good habit, I’ve tried to focus more on relationship building than habit building this time around. It’s a much more productive quiet time now!

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What about you? What positive things have you noticed when you keep a consistent quiet time?

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