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5 Things that Reconnect Me to God

There are reminders of God everywhere. Around any corner, in any conversation, bursting from any thought. These reminders can reconnect us to God at any moment, if we notice them. To find out where to look, and what some of these reminders are for me, keep reading!

Knowing Where to Look

As I read the Bible, sometimes I look for ‘pictures’ of what I am learning. Often, they are obvious in the story, but sometimes I pick something random for myself. It looks a little different each time I do it, but the point is to pick a cue. Then, at any point when I see that cue, I am reminded about God and start a conversation with Him. The cue instigates, and we reconnect.


Recently I read Psalm 15:1 which says “O LORD, who shall sojourn in your tent? Who shall dwell on your holy hill?” I wrote in my journal about how living just in a tent with God was much more desirable than living in any castle. The truth for that day was about how near and present God is. And so I decided tents would remind me of God’s nearness, and how much better it is to ‘rough it’ with God than to ‘live it up’ on my own.

It’s been three weeks, and I still haven’t seen a tent, but I’m on high alert. And as long as I’m on the lookout, I don’t actually need to see the tent to remember how close God is. Any reminder will do, and suddenly I’m thinking about God’s nearness again.

Other Reminders to Reconnect

I don’t do this every time I read the Bible. (That would be a bit too much for me to keep track of!) It would be too hard to retain each one. But every few months something new sticks out.

Over the years, different visuals have drawn my attention back to God in different ways.

  • Nebula. Pictures of galaxies and nebula have become a reminder that God’s got this. No matter how big my problem is, God can handle it. If he can handle these giant things in the universe, he can surely handle my day to day problems. [ Related Post: Nebulae]
  • Storms are a reminder of how intensely God fights to defend me from sin (which is my enemy) when I call on him. Fiercely, intentionally, successfully.
  • The sun reminds me of how radiantly glorious God is, so radiant I can hardly look at him.
  • The wind reminds me of God’s nearness and power in the Spirit.

Eyes Open

The trick, for me, has been twofold: remembering to read the Bible with my eyes open, and remembering to go through my day with my eyes open. It’s easy to get into the habit of reading the Bible where we aren’t really paying attention, and it’s just as easy to get caught up in the routine of our days. But if we’re going to notice God and reconnect with him daily, then we’re going to need to pay attention. 

So now I’m curious! What are some everyday things that remind you about God? How did that come about?


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    This is wonderful. Nicole you did a great job writing how to do this practically.

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